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Blackheath Village is one of the few real villages left in London. Thousands of visitors come here every year to enjoy the shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs, as well as attending major events such as the London Marathon and November fireworks.

The Society’s policy is to support our vibrant local community, to encourage all developments that meet that goal and to monitor new plans.

We actively support our main local charities - Blackheath Halls, the Conservatoire and Age Exchange - where we played a major role in the campaign to keep a library in the Village. We have published a local history guide Walking the Village.

We have been closely involved with fundraising and planning for new Christmas lights and for Village Day, when they are turned on.

Our policy document “Blackheath Village: The Way Forward” led to improvements, such as the York stone pavements, better street lighting and more tree planting.

Blackheath straddles two boroughs and we maintain regular contact with Lewisham and Greenwich, monitoring all planning and licensing applications affecting the Village.

We successfully campaigned against the bus lane in Montpelier Vale, the removal of an old phone box and replacing bus shelters. We are leading a campaign to clean up the Village and remove unsightly rubbish bags dumped outside shops, to have the pavements cleaned and to encourage certain local businesses to maintain their properties.

All offers of help with this will be welcomed.