The Blackheath Society Current Issues Planning

Since its inception the Society has aimed to preserve and enhance Blackheath. In the early days our work mainly took the form of resisting major threats, such as motorways, as described in our book “Guardians of The Heath.

Under the current legislative framework for planning and development we participate in drafting new local policies and scrutinise hundreds of applications each year for new and modified buildings.

We do this with a Planning Group of Society volunteers, who comment on the new applications we see as most significant. This includes enthusiastic amateurs and qualified professionals. You can see our Planning Principles here .

We are very keen to hear from members who would like to join our effort. The only qualification is to care about Blackheath.

Blackheath is covered by Lewisham and Greenwich boroughs. You can access current and past planning applications for Lewisham here  and for Greenwich here.

We have had great success over the years resisting unacceptable threats to Blackheath, while improving the details of other plans, and you can find an update on the latest status of key applications in our Society Newsletters here.

Ongoing recent activity has included:

  • Ensuring planned development adjacent to All Saints School proceeds safely
  • Resisting plans to spoil the character of the Glebe area
  • Fighting to improve poorly conceived plans for Lewisham Town Centre