Lewisham Town Centre Plans

The next two weeks will be important for the future of Lewisham town centre which will have significant implications (e.g. transport, infrastructure and local services) for the wider area including Blackheath.

In earlier discussions, plans for the town centre were refused and deferred for improvement following objections from the Society and others.

Two major schemes now up for review are :

LEWISHAM GATEWAY DC/18/105218 : The Gateway scheme (former Lewisham roundabout), now with a proposed 29 storey tower, and 20% larger than the earlier 2009 approved scheme, to be reviewed on Tuesday March 20th. The application can be viewed here.    


FORMER TESCO'S CAR PARK DC/17/101621: Tesco site (Conington Rd) scheme (with its 34 storey tower) for review on Tuesday April 3rd. The application can be viewed here.

Both discussions will take place at 19.30 in the Civic Suite at Lewisham Town Hall, and are open to the public. The Society will be attending to seek further significant improvements in these schemes, for the benefit of local residents. Please come along and support us if you can, local residents’ voices are important.