The Department for Transport is inviting responses to its consultation on the South Eastern Rail Franchise and the Society is keen for as many people as possible to respond. As members may be aware one of its most controversial suggestions (Question 17 on page 23) is simplifying the service on the Bexleyheath Line so that all services terminate at Cannon Street (as has been done for the Greenwich Line). The consultation document is at:


The page above has also a click through to an online response questionnaire and a questionnaire download for those preferring a paper copy.

The questionnaire is fairly long and takes about 20mins to complete. It does include the question about simplifying the Bexleyheath Line services. But if this your major or only response it will be quicker and probably more effective to email the DfT on this topic directly. A click through to email is shown on the page (BetterSouthEastern@dft.gsi.gov.uk). Please give your name and postcode in your email and we would appreciate being copied in to give us some idea of the number of responses from members (office@blackheath.org).

Responses must be submitted by 23 May 2017

A petition on this threat has been set up at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/190894


Transport Information

For general information you should visit the TfL website www.tfl.gov.uk  where you can find all the latest information about travel in London, including the very useful Journey Planner.

Another useful rail site for the whole of the UK is www.thetrainline.com

When sending comments/complaints to transport operators or managers, please remember to send a copy to the Society
blackheath.soc@lineone.net so that we can be aware of issues and problems and raise them in our regular Transport meetings.



Blackheath is blessed in many respects with good public transport options. There are numerous bus routes in and out of the Village and at the heart lies the railway.

Chapman House - the side you don't see on Platform 1

Chapman House - the side you don't see on Platform 1




















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