Current Issues:
Planning Applications for the
London Borough of Lewisham

The Society's Planning Group comprises a group of volunteers including some with professional expertise, others participating out of concern for Blackheath. This group scrutinises all the applications received, both for buildings and for trees within the Blackheath Conservation Area and submits its views where appropriate.

All planning applications in the Lewisham part of our area come before the Amenity Societies' Panel (ASP) which meets fortnightly and is clerked by one of the Council's Conservation Officers. The meetings are not open to the public. The Society has two representatives who attend alternate meetings. An average agenda comprises about 30 applications including proposed works to trees. The Panel's comments on all applications are reported to the case officers and are taken into account by officers (in delegated cases) and councillors in making their decisions. We also make direct comments in writing to the Council on the more difficult and/or sensitive proposals. 

Applications can be viewed on line at : under the Planning section and through the online search

The Society summarises the progress of the main applications it is dealing with in its newsletters.



In an effort to raise design standards, Lewisham Council also have a Design and Conservation Panel (DCP), again not open to the public, which meets once a month and considers major proposals throughout the borough. The Panel is drawn from a pool comprising local architects and ASP members, including one Blackheath Society representative. It is chaired by Councillor Robin Cross and clerked by planning officers. Many of the schemes are at a pre-application stage, sometimes involving a presentation by the applicants or their agents, and the panel's views and comments are used by officers in resisting unacceptable schemes or securing design improvements.


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