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The Blackheath area straddles two London Boroughs - Lewisham and Greenwich - and the Society has good relations with both Boroughs. They work in slightly different ways which we outline below and both have comprehensive listings of current planning applications on their respective websites - and

If you have received a notice of a local  planning application and you wish to find out more, you are advised to log on to the Council's website; visit the local library where planning applications are available for inspection or contact the officer whose name will appear on their letter. If you write with your comments, you must always quote the application number which will be quoted on their letter. Failure to correctly reference your comments can result in


delays and that might be critical if the deadline for comments is close If you are checking an application at a library, you will need a case reference number for Lewisham Borough applications whereas for Greenwich Borough applications you will need the application site address. If you have serious concerns about the plans and want to know if the Society has been consulted, please contact the Secretary in the first instance who will refer your enquiry to the relevant Committee member.

If you are curious about how much your property might be worth, you might like to look up the following website -

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