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Planning Applications for the
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The Society's Planning Group comprises a group of volunteers including some with professional expertise, others participating out of concern for Blackheath. This group scrutinises all the applications received, both for buildings and for trees within the Blackheath Conservation Area and submits its views where appropriate.

Planning applications in the Blackheath part of the borough covering the Blackheath Westcombe ward and the Middle Park Sutcliffe wards are considered by the Greenwich Conservation Group. This is a voluntary organisation made up of representatives of other amenity organisations such as ours and meetings are held on a monthly basis. Unlike Lewisham, the group has to rely on its representatives to organise the meetings and record the outcome. Although the group's limited membership is not fully representative of the borough as a whole, its views are recognised by the Council's officers.

The Blackheath Society member acts as spokesperson for the group at the Council's various planning committee meetings and this also involves commenting on strategic planning matters, often outside our immediate area, such as in and around Greenwich town centre, the Greenwich Peninsula and Woolwich town centre.

The progress on key planning application is summarised in the Society's newsletter. 

Applications can be viewed on line at: under the Planning section and through the online search



Kidbrooke Development Area- Masterplan

In December 2008, Berkeley Homes Ltd, Greenwich Council’s partner in the redevelopment of the Ferrier Estate and the wider Kidbrooke area, submitted its masterplan outline planning application to designs by architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands and with landscaping details by Gillespies. The application also included a full planning application for the first phase of development in the south-east corner of the site, a residential development of some 450 new homes.

The application which, in detail, covers those parts of the overall Kidbrooke Development Area in the ownership of the developer, proposes a total of 4,000 new homes in a mixture of houses and flats spread between market housing and affordable housing, linked to a new mixed-use development centred on a revitalised transport interchange at Kidbrooke Station. The Hub will accommodate retail, leisure and commercial uses, including offices and a hotel, as well as a multi-use community building and a crèche.

An existing school (Wingfield Primary School) in the development area is to be relocated while the existing Holy Family Catholic Primary School is to be retained. Other existing uses, the Meadows House Nursing Home and a relatively new development of houses at Kimbell Place, both on the eastern fringe of the area, are to be retained, while a new 300 unit Extra Care facility for the elderly is planned in the western sector of the masterplan.     

The major proportion of the residential development will face on to a new linear park, set to either side of the existing Kidbrooke Park Road, as a northerly extension of Sutcliffe Park.

In relation to the impact on the Blackheath Park Conservation Area, the masterplan continues to show no direct vehicular connection between the Cator Estate and the remainder of the development. The existing pedestrian and cycle only link with the Casterbridge Estate is retained and a similar additional link is proposed at where the Hunstmans Sports Ground site adjoins Manor Way and Brooklands Park.

The Blackheath Society has commented on the application and while generally welcoming the overall concept, which had been the subject of much public consultation in the preceding 12 months, objections were raised on certain aspects of the plan.

One objection is to the fact that the final number of homes in the overall Kidbrooke Development Area is, on the basis of the submitted application, likely to be in the order of 4,800 units, rather than the 4,400 units allowed for in both the Council’s 2006 Unitary Development Plan and the 2008 Kidbrooke Development Area Supplementary Planning Document.

This increased number of units will lead to an overall density of 108 dwellings per hectare, in excess of the SPD guidance of 100 dwellings per hectare.

Arguably the most important part of the outline application is the separate application for Phase 1 for which full approval is being sought. The form of residential development will inform the layout of subsequent phases - a mixture of U-shaped blocks of flats and linear terraces of houses.



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